iHotelier® Global Distributions Systems

Increase revenue with enhanced connectivity to the profitable travel agent market.

iHotelier Global Distribution Systems (GDS) promote your hotel’s availability across third party channels. Build your Travel Agent presence by ensuring that your property is available to and bookable by an estimated 350,000 Online Travel Agents worldwide.


  • iHotelier seamlessly connects to all 4 GDS, automating updates and streamlining your channel management process. This puts your hotel in control of changes to inventory, rates and availability, enabling you to update and send information to travel agents, instantly.
  • Online access to GDS booking activity allows you to monitor your channel performance as well as identify areas for improvement.
  • Our dedicated experts help you maximize your exposure and transactions by conducting quarterly audits to ensure the integrity of your property’s display information.


When paired with TravelClick’s proprietary travel agent Business Intelligence product, Agency360, and GDS Media, your hotel property can see dramatic returns on investment and increased success in the Travel Agent Channel.

What it includes:

  • Connectivity to the four Global Distribution Systems and to GDS-powered portals
  • Professional support and implementation of best practices to increase travel agent impressions and high-value bookings
  • A centralized enhanced image gallery via our partner VFM Leonardo


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