iHotelier® PMS Integrations™

Save time and increase efficiency.

iHotelier PMS Connect offers integrations that seamlessly synchronize your hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) with the iHotelier CRS via Web services. This drastically reduces the amount of manual labor needed to manage bookings, maintain rate parity, and sell your last room inventory, and saves you time and reduces errors by eliminating the need for manual entry that would otherwise be required to keep both your PMS and CRS in parity and up-to-date. In addition to saving you time and reducing unnecessary costs, iHotelier PMS Connect increases revenue across all distribution channels.


We currently support over 80 hotel property management systems and continue to add more on a monthly basis. TravelClick’s use of Open Travel Alliance and Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) messaging standards allow us to continually add new vendors to our portfolio.

What it includes:

  • 1 or 2-way connectivity between iHotelier CRS and your PMS


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