At TravelClick, we are dedicated to the needs of our customers, striving towards excellence in our work and placing a high value on mutual respect. We adhere to a set of core principles that extend beyond those mentioned, which drive everything that we do as individuals and as a company. We believe these values translate directly into better work for our clients and form the foundation of our position as a leader in the travel industry. Read more about our values below.

Customer Focus

We are each committed to the success of our customers—we solve their problems, both known and unknown, by taking an active interest in their business and asking probing questions. We share a personal responsibility to maintain our customers' loyalty and trust. We exceed our customers’ expectations.


We are focused on being the best at everything we do—hiring the best talent, winning new customers, providing world-class offerings and service, retaining and growing our customers’ business, and generating the highest possible profit. We take pride in everything we do. We aspire to execute flawlessly, and we don’t take shortcuts on quality. We are a learning organization—we learn from our successes and our mistakes, constantly looking for innovative new means to grow our business together. We are committed to an environment that attracts, motivates, and recognizes high performance.


We look at everything we do with a global perspective to ensure we understand customer needs in each of the markets in which we do business. We take pride in our understanding of different cultures and leverage that understanding to effectively sell and service in ways appropriate to the culture and the local customer. We build and operate a great world-wide team!


We live and honor our commitments every day—“we say what we mean and mean what we say.” We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethics. We are genuine in our commitment to one another. We air our differences and challenge each others’ assumptions as we seek the best possible outcome, sometimes through spirited discussions, at the end of which, we stand behind our unified decisions. We are all accountable for decisions made by the team and support one another.


We encourage and reward innovation and imagination. We are a creative and energetic team with a bias toward action. We have fun while we work. We believe in the possibilities before we can see the results. We challenge and push one another to take risks to take the company to new levels. We enjoy being with one another. We strive for our enthusiasm to be felt in every customer experience. We are a winning team!


We assume positive intent. We care about and honor one another as individuals and team members. We place value on the contributions made by each of us. We are candid, open, and truthful in all communications. We discuss issues directly with affected individuals before bringing them up with others. We do not waste one another’s time and avoid frequent or arbitrary changes in priorities. We start and end meetings on time. We are good stewards of our shareholders’ investments and spend Company money as if it were our own.

Team Work

We make decisions in an inclusive and decisive manner. We collaborate to ensure that when we make decisions, we have sought out and considered all relevant input. We encourage multiple perspectives and appreciate diversity within our teams. We appoint “champions” to complex or difficult issues who drive the team to closure. We take time to be a team, and include team-building activities in what we do. We take pride in our work and our team, and leave no doubt that we are a team!

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