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GDS New Entrants (GNE)

Newly introduced lower cost, more user friendly travel agent inventory distribution systems.


Graphic Interchange Format; a common compression format used for transferring graphics files between different computers. GIF images are the most common form of banner creatives and Web graphics.

GIF89a or Animated GIF

A GIF animation tool that creates sequences of images to simulate animation and allows for transparent background colors. Animated GIFs can generate higher response rates than static banners.

Global Distribution System (GDS)

Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan offer a comprehensive travel shopping and reservation platform to travel agents worldwide. Agents use one of these systems to book airline, car, hotel and other travel arrangements for their customers. OTAs also use one or more GDS to power some or all of their content on their site.

Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room (GOPPAR)

Calculated as room revenue minus expenses divided by total rooms available. It is the new RevPAR for owners.
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