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Headlines deliver your message to Galileo travel agents at the point of sale during the shopping and booking process.


An action on the website, such as when a user views a page or downloads a file.

Home Page

The page designated as the main point of entry of a Website (or main page), or the starting point when a browser first connects to the Internet.

Hotel Market Intelligence

Hotel Market Intelligence is the gathering, analysis and dissemination of information relevant to hotel markets. This information's purpose is to help you make effective decisions concerning the distribution of your hotel's room nights. Is your hotel's pricing competitive Is your hotel performing well across channels? How are you doing head-to-head versus your nearby competitors?

Hotel Yield Management

Hotel Yield Management is the process of understanding, anticipating and reacting to consumer behavior to maximize revenue. Yield Management is also referred to as Revenue Management. Consumers purchase hotel room nights via numerous channels. TRAVELCLICK’s Revenue Strategy Services apply these revenue management best practices to maximize your hotel performance.


Hotelligence reports provide historical electronic booking data from the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), including information on business sources, rates and length-of-stay patterns, for both individual subscriber properties and their local competitive sets.

Hotelligence FuturePace

Hotelligence FuturePace provides a forward-looking snapshot of room nights, revenues, average daily rates and market penetrations for future dates within the current month and next two months.


Hotelligence360™ is an integrated suite of business intelligence applications providing hoteliers with new levels of actionable information and insight to optimize all aspects of business performance and competitive position for their property or portfolio of properties. This revolutionary business intelligence application is based on the popular Hotelligence® report.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Language that web designers and developers use when they create web pages.
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