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Take advantage of opportunities and improve your performance.

TravelClick’s Enterprise Solutions provide you market research and analytical tools that give you a competitive edge and improve revenue production. Take advantage of our superior market research and data collection to improve your business. TravelClick has Enterprise Solutions specifically designed for hoteliers, hospitality industry stakeholders, and rental car companies. We can help you determine where your opportunities lie to improve revenue production and increase your competitiveness in local, regional, or global markets. 


TravelClick’s Enterprise Solutions for Hoteliers enable chains and management companies to compete intelligently in the market and craft strategies that are more market–conscious. Our solutions have been designed specifically with enterprises in mind, providing the most comprehensive market intelligence content available. This includes proprietary reports on share performance by travel agency, as well as across all channels and all segments of demand. Our intelligence is specifically built for use with our Enterprise Solutions platform, and is accessible on the powerful and flexible enterprise edition of Hotelligence360. The platform provides the tools needed to view and analyze market intelligence across your entire portfolio of hotels, allowing you to improve your hotel business plan and increase revenue enterprise-wide.


TravelClick can identify revenue risks and opportunities across portfolios. We help chains target marketing, promotions, distribution, and pricing actions more effectively with detailed hotel market research and data. We help you measure the impact of corporate actions and determine better ways to support franchise operators. Our industry experts have experience integrating and scaling our business intelligence reporting capabilities to meet the needs of the world’s largest hotel chains. We not only offer tools to analyze our intelligence, but provide the expertise necessary to help our customers apply data in powerful ways to drive performance across all of their properties. 

In addition to our best-in-class enterprise reporting platform, Hotelligence360, enterprise customers interested in hotel market research and data may also benefit from following offerings:


  • Customized market intelligence reporting services
  • Subscriptions to published travel industry reports, including the North American Hospitality Review and North American Distribution Review
  • Data integration services to integrate business intelligence into your existing systems


TravelClick’s Enterprise Solutions for Rental Car Companies provide tools and resources tailored to these businesses’ specific needs. Rental car companies benefit from our pricing and rate solutions, which assist in understanding their competitive price position, as well as in setting and deploying their own pricing strategies.


Rental car companies can benefit from the following solutions and services:

  • MarketVision Price Position®, a competitive rates reporting solution
  • DecisionPoint™ Price Manager, a pricing solution
  • Customized market intelligence reporting
  • Data integration services to integrate business intelligence into your system


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