Optimize your hotel’s pricing strategy with the most comprehensive rate intelligence available.

Rate360 is a powerful and easy-to-navigate rate comparison tool. Access your future and historical rates viewed via our powerful Hotelligence360 platform. This unparalleled data empowers you to improve your rate strategy and e-business strategies, helping you to maximize revenue.


Optimize your competitive rate position.  With more than 10 billion rates per month, collected from hundreds of sources, future and historical rate data, and insight into your competitors’ pricing strategy, Rate360 helps you make smarter decisions that can increase bookings. Your rate data will be available in a variety of reporting formats including online and emailed (HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV).


Rate360 is easy to use and understand, with the Hotelligence360 platform, it includes:

  • An overview dashboard to quickly assess your rate strategy, including parity, availability, and lowest rate comparisons
  • A 30-day rate buildup showing rate history by arrival date and competitive pricing trends
  • Parity indicators to assess rate parity, rates on your website, and on each channel  
  • A consolidated and intuitive rate calendar with flags to indicate rate and availability parity
  • An inclusions analysis, a new innovation exclusive to TravelClick, that compares room inclusions to determine how they affect and differentiate rates


You can even set email alerts for specific pricing events, or plug Rate360 into your Revenue Management System (RMS) in order to streamline the execution of your pricing strategy.

What it Includes:

  • Comprehensive rate data
  • Customized analysis
  • Future, current and past rates
  • Integration in the Hotelligence360 platform
  • Intuitive and informative reports available in a variety of reporting formats, including PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, Online, and via email
  • Channels Supported


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Monitor your competitive rate position with Rate360, a powerful and easy-to-navigate rate comparison tool. Rate360 seamlessly integrates ten billion hotel rates from more than 400 sources onto a simple, easy-to-use platform to enable hoteliers to best manage their property's pricing strategy and ensure rate parity across multiple channels.

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