Travel Agent (GDS) Media™

Drive high value bookings by ensuring that travel agents see your property when it matters most.

Reach 1 million agents when they are in the process of booking a room.


Travel Agent Screen Preferencing ensures you receive preferred placement on relevant searches, and it works. Screen Preferencing increases sales by up to three and a half times with a 2x-3x higher look to book ratio. Ensure your property is where 99% of bookings occur with first screen placement.


Travel Agent Advertising allows you to target specific need dates during precise booking windows to secure bookings from a captive audience and maximize occupancy:

  • 77% of Travel Agents influence their client bookings
  • 83% of agents will book the best available rate, whether that rate is negotiated or not


Travel Agent Media is the most effective way to break through and reach Travel Agents—with 69% of Travel Agents clicking on or visiting Travel Agent Media promotional pages. 


TravelClick is uniquely positioned to deliver the best campaign performance:

  • With 13 years of experience, we know Global Distribution System (GDS) media better than anyone in the industry 
  • Thousands of campaigns and proprietary data have helped us create the most sophisticated marketing and targeting options


We are impartial and buy the best performing media, regardless of publisher. As the only provider of preference products on three of four major GDS and advertising campaigns across all four major GDS, we can move spend from low-performing GDS to a higher-performing GDS.

What it includes:

  • Channel agnostic placements across multiple GDS
  • Text and graphical advertisements
  • First screen placement on hotel availability for Screen Preference
  • List request for up to 12 months


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