TravelClick® Channel Management

Increase bookings by efficiently managing availability, rates, and inventory across all of your OTA channels, from a single source.

TravelClick Channel Management offers innovative hotel channel management solutions, utilizing proven channel management technology. Our Channel Management solutions allow you to manage your Online Travel Agent (OTA) channels more efficiently while simultaneously expanding your universe of potential guests. We increase your hotel’s visibility worldwide by connecting you to more than 800 global, regional, and specialty OTAs. Based on your current solution set and PMS provider we can set you up with our stand-alone solutions, or if you are an iHotelier user, iHotelier OTA Sync is available for you.


We offer truly integrated solutions that deliver:

  • Unparalleled integration to drive revenue and improve performance
  • Full customization - the right tools and solution for your property
  • Access to the most robust global and local channels
  • Backed by TravelClick's industry leadership, scalability and reliability  


iHotelier OTA Sync is our iHotelier-integrated channel management solution that allows you to simultaneously manage all of your OTA channels from a single screen. Electronically send availability, rates and inventory and receive bookings directly into both the iHotelier Central Reservation System (CRS) and your Property Management System (PMS), in real-time. Automated system updates ensure you are always in parity across OTA channels as well as your CRS and PMS platforms. A central pool of inventory allows you to sell through to your last available room on any OTA channel where there is demand.


TravelClick Channel Management is a stand-alone hotel channel management solution that allows you to electronically send availability, rates, inventory and restrictions from a single screen to all of your OTA channels. You can integrate your Channel Management solution so your reservations are delivered straight into your PMS, or you can receive reservations directly and can opt to enter them into your CRS and/or PMS.  


Our Channel Management solutions allow you to maximize your revenue by increasing your distribution and driving more OTA bookings. Reduce costs and time spent updating rates and inventory by investing in the Channel Management solution that is right for you.

What it includes:

  • Connectivity to over 800 global, regional, and specialty OTAs


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