iHotelier® Demand™

Increase revenue and expand your universe of potential customers.

TravelClick’s iHotelier Demand products and reservations services give you access to distribution channels and partnerships at rates that we’ve negotiated on your behalf. Our demand programs provide greater reach and more favorable commercial terms to hotels and hotel partners. Whether you’re an independent hotel in the GDS market or a luxury five star hotel looking for access to more fully preferred Consortia programs, we have a program that fits your needs. We drive increased demand through superior distribution and reservations services, resulting in increased revenue.


Hotels with iHotelier GDS will benefit from more visibility through our partnerships with Online Travel Agents (OTA) like Priceline and Orbitz, as well as placement on Pegasus UltraDirect. Hotels using iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0 can participate in demand partnerships to drive customers directly to your website, giving you the opportunity to sell room upgrades and additional services.

By using both iHotelier GDS and iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0 hotels receive all of the above benefits and access to:

  • Demand partners that deliver both corporate and leisure demand
  • Expedia Quick Connect, which automates delivery of Expedia reservations
  • Lanyon’s RFP tool, which creates automatic bids on major corporate programs


TravelClick also offers comprehensive sales and marketing support through our Global Hospitality Services (GHS). GHS serves clients wishing to increase global awareness and gain access to Fortune 1000 accounts. Exclusively available to iHotelier customers, GHS enables hoteliers to drive revenue easily and cost-effectively.

What it includes:

Access to incremental distribution channels and partnerships, including:

  • OTA
  • Metasearch
  • Consortia
  • Lanyon RFP
  • Global Hospitality Services


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