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Learning Services

Our goal is to help you and your team use TravelClick products effectively to reach your revenue goals.

Learn more about how you can leverage our Learning Services for product education and training:

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Product Training

On our product training pages, you may find:

  • Available courses listed in a table by course level
  • Training maps that show your course path
  • How to access online help
  • Links to videos (demonstrations, simulations, and quick tours) and other documentation
  • Links to our product information

Course Levels

Our courses are organized by three different levels of learning:

  • Basic courses cover the fundamentals and provide a firm foundation for using the application.
  • Intermediate courses explore additional topics and functionality of the application.
  • Advanced courses may apply to certain property personnel or may require additional subscriptions of the application.

*Depending on your position and TravelClick subscriptions, not all courses may apply to you. Not all levels apply to every product.

Training Methods

​Everyone learns differently and TravelClick designs learning experiences to meet your business and learning needs. TravelClick offers two formal learning methods:

Additional training methods include:

  • Online help documentation
  • Demonstration videos, practice simulations, and quick tours

Note: You must have an active product subscription before attending any of our training.

TravelClick Course Catalog

Take a look at our comprehensive list of available curriculums and courses, with detailed descriptions and tools to help you determine what lessons are critical to each role.

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TravelClick Product Training Course Catalog

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