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Fact Sheet

Your Guide to RevenueStrategy360™

Nearly all Business Intelligence providers in the industry do not collect on-the-books market data. They can only rely on guessing what your market performance looks like.  With RevenueStrategy360™, hoteliers unlock historical, forward-looking, on-the-books market occupancy and rate data in one place. Download the fact sheet to learn how RevenueStrategy360 can help you:

  • view your property’s on-the-books occupancy vs. your market’s on-the-books occupancy
  • confidently assess the impact of the ever-changing booking window with fresh and accurate on-the-books data that is updated daily
  • leverage unlimited on-demand rate shopping with a refresh schedule to meet your needs
  • view rate data with value-add inclusions from over 600 sources worldwide, including metasearch, OTAs, and more

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