Unrivaled Depth and Breadth of Data to Drive Demand.

Unrivaled Depth and Breadth of Data
to Drive Demand.

Demand insights are crucial in today's competitive market

The hospitality landscape has never been more competitive than it is now. Hoteliers are constantly trying to stay ahead of each other, while also trying to make the most profitable and strategic revenue decisions.

Without the right data tools to gain demand insights across the market and competitive set, hoteliers will find it challenging to maintain pace with shifting booking trends and stay ahead of the competition.


Identify and Target Profitable Demand with Data-Driven Insights

Demand360 solution

Demand360+ delivers the comprehensive demand data needed to make confident and informed demand strategy decisions.

Create the right mix of business with greater insight into future booking trends.

Optimize prices based on market conditions and occupancy.

Make smarter group decisions with insight into market and competitor occupancy.

Ready to take your hotel business to the next level?

Establish profitable demand strategies with powerful and reliable forward-looking demand insights

Quickly spot new opportunities to maximize your revenue mix by segment and channel

Make more informed pricing and promotions decisions with comprehensive data and source markets insights

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Leverage unique, forward-looking data

Our proprietary partnerships provide access to view real bookings made for a future date so you can understand forward-looking trends.

Gain access to one year of forward-looking occupancy data from the world’s leading hospitality brands.

View your forward-looking ADR and RevPAR rank compared to your competitive set for the next 30 and 90 days.

View the source markets of travelers into your market, property, and competitive set to fine tune demand generation and marketing strategy targeting.

Get advanced notice of trends, giving you time to adjust your strategy to shift share.

Free Property-Level Demand Analysis

To demonstrate the value and impact of our Demand360+™ business intelligence solution, Amadeus is pleased to offer hoteliers a complimentary one-time Demand property-level “Market Snapshot”.

See how you compare against your competitive set and local market. Understand YoY revenue penetration, ADR growth, channel and segment performance and more.

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Understand your entire market with Short-Term Rental data

Gain even deeper insight into your entire competitive market with data from the rapidly expanding world of short-term rentals (flats, homes, cottages, etc.):

Analyze and understand the vacation rentals competition in your area with access to 35 million listings worldwide, updated on a daily basis.

• Optimize your occupancy and rates by reviewing forward-looking availability, rates, and pick up of local vacation rentals, keeping your guest rooms full.

Discover Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Hotel's Revenue
with forward-looking demand data

Download our free eBook to explore the top five revenue benefits of incorporating forward-looking business intelligence insights:

1. Make smarter group decisions
2. Drive bookings to your brand channel
3. Create the right mix of business
4. Optimize prices to drive maximum revenue
5. Take control and expand demand

Meet the Amadeus Business Intelligence solution family!

Gain a deeper understanding of your property and competition’s performance, drive occupancy by identifying warm prospects, work smarter not harder, and plan the best operational strategies for the current market environment with Amadeus’s full suite of business intelligence solutions.

Business Intelligence

Overview of our BI solution allowing you to improve Marketing impact & occupancy, inform critical strategies and optimize operations.


Optimize agency booking performance with comprehensive competitor and whole industry insights for successful international leisure and corporate sales prospecting.


Leverage the industry’s only intelligence solution that delivers exclusive, forward-looking demand and rate data all in one place to maximize revenue strategies.


Unlock a deeper level of travel insights with a full suite of air and hotel data to gain a comprehensive view of the traveler journey.

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