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Drive demand, increase direct bookings, and centralize management.


Unmatched Flexibility and Scale of Distribution

TravelClick’s market-leading Reservations and Booking Engine solutions deliver unmatched flexibility and scale of distribution for independent hoteliers and mid-scale chains. Create new demand and increase revenue with our powerful iHotelier Central Reservations System by automating distribution across web, mobile, voice, travel agent, OTA, and metasearch channels. Leverage our Booking Engine’s data-driven design to engage more users and remove barriers to conversion. Centralize management of ARI to decrease the time, effort and cost of distribution. Work with one single vendor to meet all your distribution and booking requirements.


Drive demand with TravelClick’s unrivaled distribution capabilities

Gain instant access to the most robust global and local channels and partnerships to extend your distribution reach.

  • Connect with more than 400 global, regional, and specialty OTA’s, Wholesalers and Tour Operators.
  • Increase visibility and attract new guests on leading Metasearch sites such as Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago, and Kayak.
  • Expand exposure and increase high value bookings across all 4 major Global Distribution Systems.

Maximize direct conversions and recapture lost revenue.

Make Brand.com the preferred booking option for guests and reduce abandonment through mobile-first design, a seamless shopping experience, and personalized engagement capabilities.

  • Leverage award-winning mobile-first design to deliver a simple and intuitive booking experience on Brand.com.
  • Provide a compelling shopping experience that immerses customers in your property and offers.
  • Recapture abandoned guests with personalized remarketing emails with offers based on their unique user behaviour and previous search criteria.

Centrally manage ARI and distribution channels.

Efficiently manage your business with the data, insights, and control needed to drive demand and increase revenue – all in one place:

  • Make more informed decisions with iHotelier Analytics Dashboards, Pacing Reports, and customized reports.
  • Easily configure rates and promotions for all distribution channels through iHotelier.
  • Reduce workload and minimize setup time for all hotels across your portfolio.

Our Reservations & Booking Engine solutions

11,000 Customers and 160 Countries

Trusted and Proven

TravelClick Reservations & Booking Engine solutions are used by more than 11,000 customers in more than 160 countries around the globe.

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